1. The university has send me a message for interview, but I have not seen it. Now the list of names has been done. What can I do please ? Because, next year can be to late for me.. I am 26 years old..thanks

    • sallam bro fastim how do you know that the university send you and interview message ?,

      • Brother i’m not sure…but , when I enter with my code to the “interview forum ” , I saw a letter ,with some questions about what I wanna study , my level of arabic, qur’an ecc…. that now I can’t compiled it.. thats all..

  2. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    I’ve would like to admit in your university
    I completed hifz of Quran
    Aalim in shariah studies
    Dhawra of صحاح الستة
    What is the proceedings to admit for next year InshaAllah
    Jazzakallah khayr

  3. Muhammad Mubarak Ibrahim

    assalamualaikum I am a Nigerian looking forward to be a student of Islamic University of madinah what are my chances of getting the scholarship because I can’t pay the tuition amount thank you.

  4. Assalamoalikum

    Please provide contact details of the suitable person to discuss the possibility of sudying Arabic and Islamic studies for kids aged 6-12 from UK (who will be accompanied by suitable adults) in Madeenah for 2 months courses anually


    Br Imran

    00 44 7939 849 390

  5. I am an Indian.I have lot of interest about Islam.I want to learn Islam from arob in english please help me how can I read there

  6. sallam bro you must keep your pin (set of numbers) that the university
    give you .

  7. Asalaam Allaikum, I recently received an email saying my application has been activated and a time for interview will be scheduled. But I never had anymore emails. I applied in 2014 and I am still patient, may Allah increase me in patience, I am currently a mechanical engineering student  in Russia and I am ready to give it up for the sake of Allah but I am anxious to know how long will I keep waiting or do I need to apply again?

    • sallam bro may Allah bless you .you can apply any time now inshallah

      • Assalam Alaykum Warahmatullahi wabarakutuh , I hope your doing well . I am aware that the university rules are changing every year so please try to give me an answer that is relevant .

        Alhamdulillah I got accepted last week for this year however , I’m wondering if I can delay my acceptance 1 semester . Also , can you let me know when semester 1 would start if I go and when semester 2 starts ?

        • sallam you cant delay it beo

          • The reason I ask is , I’m out of the country right now . How much time will I have to get all my documents reedy and apply for a student visa? And when does the new semester start for Arabic ? Lastly , if I miss my flight , can I go on my own ?

    • Asalaam Allaikum, Whenever I check my application status it says UNDER CONSIDERATION. I applied since 2014 but I only received an e-mail activation in December 2016. Should I still apply again?

      • Salaam brother. Subhanallah from wich country ar u? Cus i aplied in 2014also and got accepted in 2015. Did u check the countries that got accepted?

  8. Asalaam Allaikum, I applied in 2014 but I only received an e-mail in late 2016 saying my account has been activated .Should I apply again even if my application shows “under consideration” whenever I check or there’s still a chance for my previous application?

  9. Assalam Aleykoum

    The list of names which one published in January she(it) are definitive? And if yes, you know when will go out the new list?
    I am a French student and I made my demand(request) in July, 2015 and in May, 2016 I the status of my demand(request) was able to make an interview(maintenance) to the university but is since the beginning ” in period or I can modify him(it)” .
    In your opinion my application (case) will be considered one day?

    BarakAllahoufik and thank you in advance.

    • I am student French and I made a request in July 2015 et al. hamdoulilah I could make an interview at the University of Médine in May 2016 with a professor, but since my request is always during the time or it is possible to make a modification”*

      sorry for the double post

    • sallam bro you can update it and will accept one day inshllah may Allah help you

  10. how i register to islamic university for next accademic

  11. Assalam Alaykum . Can you please help me out with the acceptance process . There seems to be a problem in the website .
    So I got accepted , and my account is activated , but when it tells me i need to update my information .
    When I proceed to update my info on the other page , it tells me I need to activate my account . I’m so confused .

  12. Assalam Alaykum . Can you please help me out with the acceptance process . There seems to be a problem in the website .
    So I got accepted , and my account got activated after I recieved an email. From the uni , but the problem start here ; it tells me i need to update my information . (It doesn’t let me )
    When I proceed to update my info on the other page , it tells me I need to activate my account (my account is already activated ) I’m so confused and worried . Please see if you can contact the uni

  13. When i click on my activation link to apply , it leads me into a page that only says “Be sure to input data” but no buttons to click on or to continue.

    does this mean the application for applying is closed ? or is it something that will be fixed soon

  14. Assalamo alaikum brothers,
    I have applied for Madina university in 2014 but my documents were not completed and my Application form is still opened. Now I updated my application form with all the required documents. currently I am living in Saudi Arabia , So what should I do now , should I go to Madina university or should I wait , I have no idea to do anything , please any one can guide me. I am afraid of crossing age limitation because my age is now 23 years.

  15. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    I tried registering on the website but it wont send an activation e-mail

    I have already checked and i entered the correct information multiple times

    barakallahu fik

  16. Muhyiddin Mi'raj

    Asalamualikum brother
    1.Brother is this right time ti apply for 2018/2019 batch
    2.And in india we r not provided with A HSC trancript so what to do ..??
    3.I a engineer graduate can i upload my degree certificate or the HSC certificate ..??

  17. Assalamu aleikum,
    Alhamdulillah, brother’s application was accepted (in the last month or a bit more) on the university website (http://iu.edu.sa/), being displayed on the acceptance students list.
    Kindly please advise about how long it takes for the website to post the student’s acceptance notice and visa authorization number. It is still showing “soon”.
    Jazaka Allahu khairan.

  18. Assalam Aleikum
    just checked my name on the list of accepted students and i could not see my name and when i enquire at the portal it says ” your application is complete and is under study and differentiation” . my question is do i need to re-apply again or just give it sometime and hope my name will be published?

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