Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil  Aaalameen, wass-salaatu was-salaam alaa Rasoolihil Kareem wa alaa aalihi wa ashabihi wa man istanna bi sunnatihi ilaa yawm-ed-deen.

All praise is due to Allaah and May His Peace and Blessings be upon the Last Prophet Muhammad SAW and all those who follow the path of righteousness until the Last Day.

Knowledge plays an important role in human life and it in fact what distinguishes him from an animal. A knowledgeable man has more advantages over a non-knowledgeable man.

Knowledge is of a great significance in the life of human, and this was the reason Allah (SWT) in His wisdom gave our grandfather Adam knowledge after his creation. Man is very useless without knowledge; he doesn’t have a definite direction without it and with it, he knows the right thing to do.                                                                                                                      The first verses Allah revealed to our dear prophet emphasize the status of knowledge in the affairs of man; enjoying reading which the key to knowledge is really.

Read in the name of your Lord who has created (all things),

He created man from a clot,

Read, and your lord is the Most Generous,

Who has taught (the writing) by pen,

He has taught man that which he knew not. Q 96:1-5.

As we have seen, our religion is a religion of knowledge; nothing can be done correctly without having the knowledge. All actions are preceded by knowledge in Islam, and Allah subhaanah demonstrated this by giving the prophet (PBUH) knowledge before making him to call to His path.

For this reason, it is very essential that a Muslim seeks knowledge, that of the religion which is the greatest kind and other kinds of beneficial knowledge, because the people of knowledge are quicker in understanding the truth and believing it.  The prophet (PBUH) made it obligatory upon us to seek knowledge and he pointed that the superiority of a Muslim who seeks knowledge over one who only worships is like the superiority of the moon over other heavenly bodies. Allah also said in His book;

“Say: Are those who know equal to those who know not? It is only men of understanding who will remember i.e. benefit from the signs of Allah.Q 39:9.

In seeking knowledge, there is a great benefit;

“Whoever follows the pursuit to knowledge, Allah will make his path to paradise easy for him.          (Narrated by Bukhari, kitaabul ilm).

In a nut shell, the virtues of knowledge are too numerous to talk about, knowledge is a powerful tool; it is a key to attain good rank in the sight of Allah and in the society. Prophet Yusuf’s beauty got him locked up in prison, but his knowledge got him released and elevated him. Knowledge is a key to come closer to Allah, man comes to know his Lord more through knowledge; it is a key to honor, a key to paradise if sought with sincerity.Subhaanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika ashaahadu an laailaaha illa anta astaghfiruka atoobuilaik.

Author Azeez Abdulahmid

Country Nigeria