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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Q1a) How do I apply? How do I start a new application?

  • Go to the webpage : http://admission.iu.edu.sa
  • Select your desired language.
  • Select – “New Application”.
  • And follow the instructions closely.
  • (Required documents / criteria will be mentioned in your desired language selected)



(Q1b) What are the required documents needed?

  • Go to the webpage : http://admission.iu.edu.sa/RequiredDocuments.aspx?Id=100
  • All documents are required to be scanned clearly. If the file size is too big, we suggest that you resize it to a smaller resolution.
  • Note : *Language shown will be in Arabic. To select a desired language of your choice, please refer back to Q1a.
  • To know what documents are needed to be translated into Arabic, please proceed to Q1c and Q1d.



(Q1c) What documents are needed to be translated into Arabic?

(1) Your Birth Cert,

(2) Passport,

(3) Diploma (if you have),

(4) GCE Level Cert,

(5) Testimonial from your School,

(6) Recommendation Letters,

(7) Medical Report.

(8) Any other relevant documents.



(Q1d) Where and how should I get my documents translated?

  • *WARNING* : Do not disclose your personal particulars to anyone, even to the Admins, or Members at this group. Do not also make any online transaction to anyone, that means to send money over to whosoever.
  • There are two reliable methods to get your documents translated :(1) Go to a recognised Islamic body in your state, and get it translated there. This will be more effective, as the translation would be not biased, and it will be more reliable.(2) This is an online alternative, http://madinahtranslation.com/



(Q1e) What other criteria are there?



(Q2a) What will I have to learn there? I do not know the Arabic Language.

  • Everyone is required to go through a 2-year-long Arabic Course.
  • After that, they will enter a faculty of their desired choice amongst FOUR Choices, for a 4-year-long Degree Course, which will be mentioned @ Q2c.



(Q2b) I have learnt a little / perfect Arabic. Do I still need to go through the full 2 years?

  • Everyone will undergo a placement test. Depending on how well they fare, they will then be filtered to do a certain duration-long of their Arabic course.
  • It is possible that you will be able to skip the full 2 years, and enter your faculty if you score really exceptionally well for the test.



(Q2c) So what courses / field can I pursue in my Degree?

  • Do note that this is an Islamic University, so courses offered are related to Islamic Studies. And of out which, there are 4 choices to choose from.
  • (1) Faculty of Qur’an : *You are required memorised the whole Qur’an.—–> Specialises in the Sciences of reading the Qur’an & Tafseer
  • (2) Faculty of Hadith—–> Specialises the study of hadith & related sciences (such as narrators etc)
  • (3) Faculty of Shari’ah—–> Specialises in Fiqh & related-sciences (such as judging etc)
  • (4) Faculty of Da’wah—–> Fundamentals of the Religion – specialises in aqeedah (belief/ creed)
  • (5) Faculty of Arabic Language—–> Specialises in the Arabic language (such as poetry, grammar etc)


Notes on the faculties:

  • To enter the faculty of Qur’aan you must have memorised the entire Qur’aan (or most of it).
  • The first two faculties are widely accepted to be the most difficult in terms of work load and memorisation.
  • The faculty of Shari’ah is the largest faculty and probably the most competitive in terms of places



(Q3) Do I need to pay for anything? What benefits will I have?

  • This is a full-scholarship program, which means, you don’t have to fork out a cent for studying.
  • Benefits are as follow :
  • 1. A free plane ticket upon admission, as well as a free ticket at the end of each academic year, according to specific guidelines. 2. A monthly allowance. 3. An extra allowance for students who achieve the grade of excellence. 4. Free furnished accommodation, for non-married students. 5. Food at the university restaurant, for a small monthly fee. 6. Quality healthcare at the university hospital. 7. Free daily transportation to and from the Prophet’s Mosque, as well as regular organized ‘Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) trips. 8. Use of the social, training, and sports facilities at the university.



(Q4) When is the closing date to submit my application?

  • It usually closed around February of each year. The exact date is unknown, and probably only known when the date is near.
  • So it’s best for one to submit their application as early as possible.



(Q5) The site is down! Help!

  • Don’t panic. It might be down due to some internet problem; or the site is undergoing some maintenance. Do wait for sometime, a few minutes, or hours, or a day or two. It will be up, inshaaAllah. 



(Q6) I didn’t manage to upload everything! Can I save my progress? What should I do? Should I create another NEW application?

  • All applicants will be able to, freely modify up to the closing date of application – which most of the time, it would occur around February of each year.
  • You would obtain your application number upon finishing your very first attempt (even if you didn’t manage to upload everything). Please remember your application number, write it down somewhere.
  • No, strictly, do not create another NEW application. It will invalidate your application for the year.



(Q7) I’ve lost my application number! What should I do?

  • DO NOT CREATE A NEW APPLICATION once you have obtained your application number. In the case of losing your application number, follow these steps so that you may obtain back your application number, inshaaAllah.
  • (1) Go to : http://admission.iu.edu.sa/IuAbroadInquery.aspx
  • (2) Select any country.
  • (3) Click on any details beside any students’ name.
  • (4) Click on ‘Forget Application Number’.
  • (5) Follow through the questions asked, and answer the questions as how you did answer while applying.
  • (6) Follow them correctly, inshaaAllah, you would be able to retrieve your loss application number.



(Q8) I’m above 25, should I try to apply?

  • One of the requirements is to be 25 and below. Being 25 and above will slim down your chance in being accepted. However, this being said, we know of students who are above 25, and being accepted into the University.



(Q9) How and where do I get my recommendation letter(s)?

  • You are required to have TWO recommendation letter.
  • (1) A Muslim Body in your state/country that is recognised by University of Medinah.
  • (2) Through a graduate of the University of Medinah.



(Q10) Can I, a female, apply for the University of Medinah?

  • No, keened female students are unable to study in the University of Medina for now. But inshaaAllah, in near future, they might be allowed. We do not know exactly when the University will accept female students.
  • There are also other alternatives for female students who want to study in Saudi, one of which is Ummul Qura.



(Q11) How do I get an interview, and what are the benefits of having an interview?

  • The benefits of having an interview increases your chance to study in the University of Medinah. It is best that you should have your application number ready (irregardless of whether you’ve completed uploading every documents). This would allow the interviewer to keep track of your application, and thus, this is how it increases your chance.
  • To get an interview, you must interview with someone who is working in the University. Either he visits your country, and you get an interview there, or you have to make a trip down to the University. You can do so during your Umrah.



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